Our customers have trusted us for over 45 years to send their finished products out the door. With our wide range of products, service and programs, we are the one-stop-shop for all your packaging needs. We are always evolving and looking to offer our customers more from the same place they have trusted for a number of years. Not sure where to begin? We will gladly be able to assist you in finding the right equipment for your needs. Have a small project? We do rentals to help fill this gap. Contact us today to find out how we can make your operations more efficient.

Hot Melt Equipment

Dynamelt-S-SeriesAdhesive & Packaging Systems provide a wide range of hot melt equipment and cold glue systems, replacement parts, installation, repairs, and rentals. We’ve partnered with ITW Dynatec, GMS and STS to offer our customers a complete range of adhesive application equipment to fit all their needs.

Cold Glue Equipment

Cold glue adhesive tanksWe provide our customers with a wide range of cold glue adhesive equipment, replacement parts, installation, repairs, and rentals. We’ve partnered with Vansco, Haeco and GMS to offer a complete range of cold glue adhesive application equipment.

Replacement Parts

We have supplied high-quality Hot Melt and Cold Glue replacement parts and units to customers worldwide since 1970! You’ll find all of our products are designed to meet your needs, including your budget. We have everything you need for your hot melt or cold glue equipment:

  • Rebuilt Systems
  • Pumps
  • Modules
  • Nozzles
  • Cleaning Supplies
  • Repair Kits
  • And More!

Auto-Adhesive Loaders

AutoLoader Adhesive & Packaging Systems markets a group of Auto-Adhesive Loaders that completely removes an operator from the adhesive equipment, preventing burns, spills, and equipment contamination. This results in lower repair costs and higher production rates.

Benefits of an Auto-Loader:

  • Prevents Adhesive Overfilling and Spills
  • Installs on any Hot Melt Unit
  • Supply up to 6 Units
  • Less Shock to the Hot Melt System
  • Minimizes Adhesive Contamination

Packaging Equipment

SealerAdhesive & Packaging Systems carries a full line of Hot Melt and Tape Packaging Equipment and end of the line stretch wrappers.

  • Case Sealer
  • Case Erector
  • Cartoner

Power Blanket

Featuring patented GreenHeat™ technology, Powerblanket delivers a barrier of uniform directional heat where it’s needed most – preventing fluids from freezing, protecting critical materials, and maintaining optimal temperatures.

  • 5gal Pail Heaters
  • 55gal Drum Heaters
  • 550gal Tote Heaters