Hot Melt and Cold Glue Adhesives

Adhesive & Packaging Systems offers a wide variety of high quality hot melt and cold glue adhesives to fit your specific needs, with no order minimums! We can help your business run more efficiently by field testing, implementing the right adhesive, and helping you every step of the way. Working hand in hand with a local APS consultant, we can help you reduce downtime and avoid costly rebuilds. Our products are proven to provide application specific performance and cost advantages to our customers. We carry only the best, most consistent products to meet our customers’ applications. A few industries we serve include: Packaging, Paper & Plywood Mills, Bookbinding, Woodworking & Cabinetry, Crating, Multi-Wall & Specialty Bags, and Product Assembly. Our Glue Program Service (GSP) is designed with the company in mind. Give us a call today to see how we can adapt the program to fit your needs

Hot Melt Adhesives

Hot melts are well established in most of the adhesive markets we serve due primarily to the advantage of fast processing. Unlike water-based or solvent-based adhesives, hot melt adhesives do not require drying. Hot melts set up as quickly as they can cool down to their solidification point. This fast solidification is ideal for use on highly automated manufacturing lines that require rapid bond formation.


These are the most common hot melt glue adhesives which are widely used for packaging and product assembly (and your craft projects at home). General substrates for EVAs include wood, foam, paper and some plastics. EVA’s range from 250°F-350°F and can with-stand freezing temperatures. EVA based adhesives still provide the greatest range of products for “difficult to bond” substrates.

Metallocene (MET)

Metallocene hot melts have little to no odor, are extremely clean burning, minimal char and offers exceptional pot stability. A Metallocene adhesive is recommended for applications where hot melt will be sitting in pots for extended periods of time or where char and stringing have been a problem. While Metallocene hot melt is a little more expensive compared to low cost EVA formulations, there can be significant savings on equipment upkeep and replacement parts. Metallocene also allows for less down time because equipment does not need to be cleaned or purged as often.

Pressure Sensitive (PSA)

A pressure sensitive hot melt is a formulation that stays open indefinitely after it is applied. The benefit of this type of adhesive is that you can cover large surface areas and not worry about open time before bonding your substrates. A PSA (pressure sensitive adhesive) bonds to a wide range of substrates and can be used in applications ranging from small product assembly to large scale manufacturing.


Fugitive ‘booger glue’ was formulated to have the perfect balance of bond strength and easy release. Fugitive will not leave an oily residue and is great for peel and stick applications like card mailers, promotional items and more. Our fugitive glue will hold your items securely in place and not tear paper or other sensitive substrates when release.

Water based “Cold Glue” Adhesives

From industrial adhesives that are used in paper packaging, converting, laminating, labeling and hygiene markets to emulsion polymers used as building blocks for innovative products, our water-based adhesives serve a diverse range of markets.

Wood Working

With our water based wood-working adhesives, you can move away from the solvent-based toxic adhesives. We have doweling adhesive, assembly glue for hand and machine use, for difficult tropical hardwoods, for bonding high pressure laminates to MDF, plywood, etc., drip-less glues, one part cross linking adhesives, two part glues, RF glues, and much more. For sheet and veneer applications, solid wood, assembly, adhesives for waterproof bonding, etc.


Due to environmental concerns, this product group is becoming increasingly popular as a replacement for solvent based products. Water based adhesives are environmentally safe and contain zero volatile organic compounds (VOCs); furthermore they can be used to manufacture even the most complex laminates. Our water-based laminates are used in a variety of applications. With their extended tack time, good mileage, and fast set speeds, they provide tough, water and humidity resistant bonds for your applications.

Paper Converting

We offer a variety of multi-purpose water-based adhesives with excellent mileage and quick-setting characteristics for improved line efficiency and quality. Easier to use than dextrin, these water-based products don’t need heating. Whether you are doing tail tie, core transfer or core winding, we have the perfect water based adhesive for you.

We also sell Glue Sticks!


We carry low temp and high temp glue sticks for virtually all applications; crafts, product assembly, packaging, plastics, vinyl and more! All glue sticks come in the industry standard 1/2″, many are also available in 1/4″, 5/8″, 3/4″, and 1″ diameters.

Want to stand out to your customers? Our hot melt glue sticks come in a variety of colors, White, Red, Green, Black or Blue!

They are made to be visible or invisible, against any material. We can cross-reference your current expensive glue sticks with our lower cost glue sticks! Contact us today so we can find the right glue stick for your needs.