Equipment Maintenance Services

When it comes to servicing your equipment, we offer a great deal of options. Working closely with you to determine your needs and find the best solution, for now and with room to grow. Our services include: Adhesive Equipment maintenance, repairs, rentals, replacement parts and more. Through the years, we have designed our programs to help reduce unscheduled downtime, increase the overall life and efficiency of your machines, all at an affordable cost. To put this experience to work for you, call 800-872-3840 or email us to begin the process that will save you money and make your job easier. We only use OEM and factory-quality parts.

Equipment Services Offered

  • Repairs & Maintenance
  • After-hours emergency service
  • Standard & Customized Systems
  • Turn-Key Solutions
  • Rentals

Factory Certified

  • ITW Dynatec Dynamini Series
  • ITW Dynatec Dynamelt Series
  • ITW Pattern Controls and Guns

1000lb Adhesive Club

The 1000lb Club is exclusively for customers that purchase at least 1000lbs of adhesives per quarter from Adhesive & Packaging Systems. Equipment services are scheduled quarterly, around your production schedules to eliminate lost production. As long as the hot melt adhesive products being used in the systems(s) are purchased from APS, the equipment services will be performed on a quarterly basis. NOTE: Service includes all in-plant labor  expense  but does not include parts. Parts can be purchased from APS before or during service.

Benefits of the 1000lb Club:

  • Reduce unscheduled downtime caused by equipment breakdowns
  • Increase the overall life of your equipment
  • Complete report on equipment condition


Instant Delivery
Your order for high-usage adhesive parts can be filled instantly from our mobile warehouse while we are at your site, or your order can be shipped directly to you from one of our distribution centers. APS has serviced adhesive application equipment users since 1970, and is a proven supplier of high-quality products. The Parts-On-Wheels program is designed to save you money while supplying you with high-quality parts. For adhesive application equipment manufactured by ITW Dynatec, Nordson, Slautterback, Valco & Others.

Examples of available parts:

  • Replacement modules for the Nordson H20 & H200 series heads
  • Replacement hoses for Nordson Model IV, V, 2300, 3000 series applicator systems
  • Replacement coils, heads, nozzles & hoses for Slautterback equipment
  • Replacement modules, heads, nozzles & hoses for ITW Dynatec systems
  • Replacement valves and heads for Valco cold-glue systems

On-Site Maintenance

Preventive Maintenance Program for ITW Dynatec, Nordson and Slautterback. The goal is to eliminate unscheduled downtime caused by equipment breakdowns. On-Site, provides you with experienced maintenance personnel when you need them. Utilization of “vendor-provided” services eliminates an expensive fixed-cost investment in both replacement parts and personnel.

Services Include:

  • No charge inspection and estimate
  • Flush and clean your melt-tanks, pumps and applicator heads
  • Clean and/or replace nozzles
  • Change out tank and gun filter screens
  • Train operators in preventive maintenance techniques
  • Trusted specialists working on your equipment