About Us

Glue UnitAt Adhesive and Packaging Systems, our goal is to provide products and services that meet all your adhesive equipment and packaging needs.

We are the largest full service manufacturer and distributor for adhesives and packaging equipment in the Pacific Northwest. When you order replacement parts from us, you can feel confident that they will work with all major original equipment manufacturers, including: Nordson®, ITW Dynatec®, Slautterback®, Valco®, and Pafra® to name a few.

When you choose APS for your equipment care and service, you can rest assured that you’ll have less unscheduled downtime and improvements in efficiency.

We work with you to draft a customized plan to assist you now and in the future, or find the best solution to address your company’s current needs. It is a top priority to us that you have solutions that meet your immediate needs and ensure that you have room to grow.


We have worked with companies all over the world and look forward to helping you solve your packaging and gluing needs.

Since 1970, the company has sold and serviced equipment for adhesive application and packaging for both new and used machines.

Have you checked out our services? From maintenance to emergency service, to parts-on-wheels instant delivery, we offer a variety of services to help you succeed.

This is a family-owned and operated company headquartered in Hillsboro, OR.

Adhesive and Packaging Systems is located at 23646 Clara Lane, in Hillsboro, and has a California branch of the business as well.